Uno The Activist & Ian Connor Clash In Wild Brawl At 2023 ComplexCon

UnoTheActivist and Ian Connor, two prominent figures in hip-hop and fashion, found themselves at the center of a wild brawl during the highly-anticipated 2023 ComplexCon. The altercation, which also involved Bloody Osiris and Bloody Dior, has left fans speculating about the origins of the fight and the underlying tensions between these influential individuals. 

What Happened?

In the midst of the 2023 ComplexCon, UnoTheActivist, Ian Connor, Bloody Osiris, and Bloody Dior, were captured in a violent altercation that shocked attendees. UnoTheActivist, an Atlanta rapper recognized for his collaborations with Playboi Carti and Thouxanbanfani, became the focal point of the fight, leaving fans curious about what sparked the confrontation. 

It is worth noting that Ian Connor, a renowned figure in the fashion industry with ties to Kanye West and past affiliation with the A$AP Mob, was not a bystander in the altercation. 

Connections in the hip-hop and fashion industries intertwined, with figures ultimately linked to one another. In relation to Ian Connor’s past affiliation with A$AP Mob, in July 2023 at Rolling Loud Miami, A$AP Rocky took shots at A$AP Bari, Ian Connor, and Travis Scott during his performance.

 Connor, who was present at ComplexCon to relaunch his clothing brand, Pastelle, had his booth at the event. His connection to the hip-hop world placed him in the same circle as Bloody Dior and Bloody Osiris, further entangling the relationships surrounding the brawl.

Fans Speculate

Fans are speculating that the alleged beef has been ongoing for six years. One fan named @thegreatalan19 wrote, “This is YEARS OF BEEF in the making.” 

According to fan claims, Bloody Dior and Uno The Activist reportedly had a falling out over a woman. Allegedly, Dior shot Uno following the dispute. Behind the scenes, there seems to be a long-standing feud between Bloody Dior and Uno The Activist, allegedly rooted in a dispute over a woman. 

Rumors suggest that Dior shot Uno, leading to a fallout resulting in accusations of snitching. Bloody Dior took to Instagram Live six years ago, claiming that Uno had provided information to the police, a claim he backed with supposed evidence.

Bloody Dior and Bloody Osiris’ connection is that they are actually blood-related brothers. 

They are profoundly known as the Bloody Brothers, have affiliated with the A$AP Mob, and have worked with other hip-hop artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, and more. They also are in the same circle as stylist and brand owner Ian Connor. 

Bloody Dior’s 2017 Interview

In a 2017 interview with The Uncommon Magazine, Bloody Dior was very transparent about his relationship with UnoTheActivist, where he alleged that they got into an argument where Uno threatened him. He stated:

“At the end of the day, the situation with Uno was like, we got into an argument. Uno basically threatened me. He threatened me saying, I wouldn’t leave Atlanta, and had people come pull up on me four cars deep and there was fires shot and he got hit. He wrote a statement saying I hit him and that I shot him.” 

This may allude to when in the 2020 interview with No Jumper, UnoTheActivist explained how he was shot, although he gave a general explanation with no names being mentioned.

Following the brawl, messages attributed to Bloody Dior and Bloody Osiris circulated, requesting the deletion of videos capturing the incident. Bloody Osiris pleaded:

“Yo gang can u delete video niggas can go to jail for that, Asking on some man to man bro.”

Offset Sued After 2021 ComplexCon Brawl

This incident at ComplexCon is not the first time violence has marred the event. Recently, rapper Offset and fellow artist YRN Murk faced allegations of assault, battery, and negligence following a brawl at ComplexCon 2021.