Aaliyah Fans Seek Justice For Late Singer’s Death 22 Years Later

Aaliyah, the celebrated R&B star who tragically passed away in a plane crash over two decades ago, is at the center of a new conversation. Started by her fans, they demand that her death case be revisited. 

R.I.P. Aaliyah

Known as the Princess of R&B, Aaliyah has consistently remained a trending topic. Nevertheless, while filming a music video for one of her hit songs, “Rock The Boat,” the talented artist tragically passed away at the young age of 22 in a plane crash in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001.

In the collective memory of her fans, Aaliyah’s death remains fraught with doubts and questions even twenty-two years later. 

Many supporters find the circumstances surrounding her death to be “fishy” and “shady.” Recently, a social media user named @stopfeenin ignited the conversation, writing:

“They need to revisit Aaliyah’s death case again— since everyone’s tea is resurfacing. Aaliyahs uncle Barry needs to be re-investigated for receiving 90 million from her death. Word around curb was she was allegedly about to leave his label once the album dropped. But he signed a liability agreement on 8/20/2001 (five months before her passing), saying that if anything bad were to happen to Aaliyah that Blackground wouldn’t be held responsible.”

‘Am I Supposed To Say That On TV?’

Allegedly, in a release of liability agreement purportedly signed days before Aaliyah’s death, the August 20, 2001 agreement stipulated, 

“That instinct shall be responsible and shall assume liability for any and all loss or damage in connection with the production of the Video excerpt to the extent arising out of Artist’s [Aaliyah’s] and/or company’s [Blackground’s] negligence or willful misconduct.” 

According to purported sources, an associate of Barry Hankerson named Ayatollah Marv alleged in an interview with Cam Capone News that Barry received a staggering $90 million after Aaliyah’s tragic death. He stated:

“Barry, when Aaliyah died, he got paid 90 million dollars for her death. Am I supposed to say that on TV?”

Damon Dash Speaks

Another contentious claim emerged from the late songstress’ former boyfriend, Damon Dash, who alleged that a plane meant for Aaliyah and her team’s return from the Bahamas was taken by director Hype Williams, who was also responsible for her last music video, “Rock the Boat.”

Dash revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Aaliyah had expressed discomfort with the plane, saying:

“She [Aaliyah] said I don’t like this plane. And I was like well don’t get on it. And she was like well I got to because I got work to do. She got on the plane and she had a very serious fear of planes in general. So she had to overcome a fear to get on that plane.” Dame continued, “But what I was really more tight about was that I heard that Lenny Kravitz had offered her a jet and then Hype took the jet.”

Fans Rally For Aaliyah

As fans delve deeper into Aaliyah’s death, their frustration and mistrust intensify. Social media platforms have become a space for these emotions to unravel. One fan stated, “I’ve always said it, Barry Hankerson is a money-hungry devil… Truly a sick man.” Another fan @mistamonotone wrote, “At this point, I’m willing to believe damn near anything about the music business. What a cesspool of nefarious, greedy, and narcissistic (mostly) men. With that said, I hope Aaliyah’s death was truly an accident.” 

Fans have also resurfaced a video clip of Aaliyah’s alleged former bodyguard from the years between 2000 and 2001. The bodyguard stated in the clip, “They killed her!” 

Following the release of the clip one fan named @k.orocky stated, “I believe it & then kept her music off of so many platforms for a long time. It was like they were trying to diminish her legacy,” referring to the moment when Aaliyah’s music became accessible on streaming platforms in 2021 after a hiatus of two decades. 

Crunchy Black Calls Out Gangsta Boo’s Brother

In the quest for truth and justice, fans’ calls for answers extend beyond Aaliyah’s case. The recent passing of Gangsta Boo, a member of Three Six Mafia, has sparked similar demands for clarity. Crunchy Black, another member of the group, has alleged that her death was not an accident and openly implicates her brother in the matter.