Boosie Forgives Rod Wave, Plans Legal Action Against Kodak Black & YG In Recent Feud

Despite recent back-and-forth disputes, Boosie has taken to social media to express his willingness to collaborate with Rod Wave. In addition to forgiving Wave, the Louisiana native revealed his intentions to pursue legal actions against fellow rapper Kodak Black. Boosie has also recently called out YG for the same situation. 

Boosie Rants On Social Media 

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, on his Instagram Live, Boosie made it clear that he’s open to working with Rod Wave, hoping to resolve their disagreements through musical collaboration. 

However, this conciliatory gesture doesn’t mean the “Set It Off” rapper plans to back down in his legal battle against Kodak Black. To add to the mix, Boosie has now called out YG for his song, “Who Do You Love.” The Badazz rapper stated on his Instagram: 


Boosie continued:

 I aint tryna break no nigga pockets. Im a business man. Im fair game. Just want my lil cut bro. Say he was gon get back at me. He aint hit me back yet. That was earlier this morning so hopefully he get back to me.

Before The Consensus 

Boosie previously aired his disappointment with Rod Wave for sampling his song “Long Journey” without authorization, adding him to the list of rappers he intends to sue. 

The Louisiana rapper didn’t stop there, pointing out that other artists had also used his music without permission. He emphasized the importance of proper compensation and recognition in the business of music. Boosie stated: 

Rod Wave Did it the best no cap…. Rod Wave ain’t the only one . Y’all better do y’all research. Rod Wave ain’t the only one. Lot of people got paper work on the way. It ain’t just Rod Wave. And it’s crazy cause all of em name it the same song.  Nah I ain’t in my feelings. I’m smiling. I ain’t mad. I love when they do that shit. When I hear people done took my shit and sang my shit and put it on records , they giving me my flowers you know. It’s just you gotta compensate me too. It’s a business you know? Just like you do everybody else. They supposed to reach out and be like “man we need to give you your writer’s share, your publishing on this record…”

Rod Wave Responds To Boosie

Rod Wave responded to Boosie’s claims, expressing his willingness to meet and resolve the matter without the need for a lawsuit. 

Wave made it clear that he respects Boosie’s talent and was even prepared to provide fair compensation. He further pleaded his willingness to do right by Boosie and took the plea to his Instagram stories. The “Turks and Caicos” artist stated:

Man this shit got to stop. You ain’t got to sue no nigga like me man. Ima pull up. Fuck you talm bout suing me. I’ll pull up in you bro. Tell me a number. Tell me a real number though. Ima pull up to make sure you straight. You don’t got to sue me…. “ On my momma boosie big bra I fw ya tell me a real number yeen even gotta do all dat tell me a number ima pull up and bring it to you!!” 

However, Boosie wasn’t convinced and defended his decision to take legal action, highlighting the business aspects at play. He responded to Wave via Twitter(X), and stated: 

“How is it foul? Its buizness n you know that. You aint go do that to no other major label without compensating them with they splits why do it to a ni*** you looked up too. U expect me to let u take my kids publishing gtfoh stop playing victim my ni*** is u go sample no limit.”

Boosie Goes In On Yak 

In addition to his disputes with Wave, Boosie called out Kodak Black for sampling his song “Let Me Ease Your Mind” without permission. Boosie voiced his disappointment on Twitter, lamenting the lack of fair business dealings between them. The “Set It Off” rapper stated: 


Although Kodak has yet to respond, Boosie’s intentions to pursue legal action are crystal clear.

Fans have eagerly weighed in on the situation. One fan (@fyee.ang) on instagram stated, “ Definitely should’ve got that figured out w Boosie first not wait til you get caught up. Mfs just have no respect yall want boosie to spare rod but rod ain’t spare Boosie dropping dat shit and aint pay no dues especially when u up no excuse.” 

Another fan (@j.holiday4) stated, “I mean Boosie ain’t told no lie. That’s just like yall go Gucci and pay the price but then as your friends for a discount. It’s the principle not even the money. If he wouldn’t do it to Diddy or Michael Jackson then why do it to Boosie. He know how business work and still decide to sample without the proper protocol and this is coming from a die hard Rod fan.”

Rod Wave’s Unoriginal Flow?

This wouldn’t be Rod Wave’s first time swiping lyrics and Melodie’s. 

One user (@RealTwanBrown) on Twitter(X) called out Wave for also swiping Jay-Z’s lyrics from “Song Cry” into his “2019.” The user stated, “See Boosie was one thing but now I think it’s time for legal action lol son card getting pulled cmon Rod Wave.”

In addition, Rod has also taken lyrics from artists such as Drake and Tupac.

Before The Lawsuit

Seems like Boosie may have a bullseye on Yak’s back. Boosie had aimed at Kodak Black in a diss track titled “Ungrateful.” In the song, the Baton Rouge rapper criticized Kodak for working with someone he considers a “snitch,” referring to 6ix9ine’s cooperation with law enforcement in his 2018 RICO case. 

Boosie vs Torianna Hatch

Boosie is no rookie when calling others out. In August 2023, Boosie dropped a diss track that addressed the deteriorating relationship between him and his daughter. The track came after a recent social media war in July 2023, where the Louisiana rapper took back the pink Benz he had gifted his daughter for her birthday, sparking a wave of backlash.

GloRilla Faces Lawsuit For Unauthorized Sample

On a similar note of facing a lawsuit for unauthorized use of music, New Orleans rapper Ivory Paynes had filed a lawsuit against Memphis rapper GloRilla and producer Macaroni Toni, alleging that they used “key elements” from his 1994 song “Street Of The Westbank” to create GloRilla’s hit song “Tomorrow” without permission. Paynes had named Collective Music Group (CMG), Warner Chappell Music, and Sony/ATV Music in the lawsuit.