Drake Breaks Hiatus With Upcoming EP ‘Scary Hours 3’ & J. Cole Collab Visuals

Drake has sent shockwaves through the music world with a surprise announcement of his upcoming EP, Scary Hours 3, following his declaration of going on hiatus. The chart-topping artist captivated fans by sharing a dynamic two-minute trailer, teasing its release. The Toronto native has also teamed up with J. Cole and dropped the music video for their collaboration, “First Person Shooter.”

‘Scary Hours 3’

Drake recently previewed his surprise announcement of his new  EP titled, Scary Hours 3, after claiming he was going on a hiatus. 

Drizzy surprised his fans on Nov. 16 by posting a thrilling two-minute trailer on his Instagram account, hinting at his Scary Hours 3 release, scheduled for Nov. 17. In the trailer, the “IDGAF” rapper boasts about his recent achievements, acknowledging his unwavering confidence in his latest work. 

“I’ll say this to you: I feel no need to appease anybody,” he says. “I feel so confident about the body of work that I just dropped that I know I could go and disappear for, whatever, six months, a year, two years. Even though I’m not really, like, into the super lengthy disappearances for the sake of mystery,” Drake said in the trailer. 

He also claimed that he made the EP in five days. The response from fans on social media was overwhelming, with users on Twitter (X) expressing their enthusiasm for Drake’s upcoming project.  

One user named @GoIdenState commented, “MY GOAT DROPPING BACK TO BACK,” and another user named @erujabidi commented, “This is all we needed..omg.”  

 It’s All A Blur Tour: Big As The What?

This news comes shortly after Drake’s announcement in October that he planned to take a break from music due to stomach-related health issues. Following the conclusion of his It’s All A Blur Tour, Drake shared the statement with his fans, expressing the need to prioritize his well-being. 

However, the unveiling of Scary Hours 3 and the announcement of his tour with J. Cole named It’s All A Blur Tour: Big As The What? cast doubt on Drake’s hiatus claims.

‘First Person Shooter’

Adding to the controversy, Drake and J. Cole dropped the music video for their collaboration, “First Person Shooter.” The video features Drake showcasing his dance moves, including a Michael Jackson-inspired spin and his signature sequined glove.

Meanwhile, Scary Hours 3 marks Drake’s third project since Nov. 2022. The previous projects include the collaborative album Her Loss with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage and his latest album, For All The Dogs.

Drake Ties MJ?

In other news involving Drake, he tied the late music icon Michael Jackson with the most No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 songs by a male solo artist with 13. Social media fans debated whether his accomplishment was equal to Jackson’s due to present-day streaming. 

Andre 3000 Returns

In a related story, legendary OutKast member Andre 3000 announced his return to music with a mind-bending debut solo album titled New Blue Sun.  The album showcases his versatility as an artist, featuring him playing various instruments, including his iconic flute.