Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Goes Off On Fan, “I Will F**k Your Sh*t All The Way Up!”

Ari Lennox recently encountered a distressing incident during a recent performance in Los Angeles. As the opening act for Rod Wave’s Nostalgia Tour, the “Pressure” singer faced an unfortunate moment when a water bottle was hurled towards her on stage while delivering a passionate performance.

Ari Lennox Gets Heated

Ari Lennox, the talented R&B artist known for her soulful voice and empowering lyrics, was in a heated moment during a recent performance in Los Angeles. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, amidst her opening act for Rod Wave’s Nostalgia Tour, Ari Lennox endured a moment that no performer should have to face. While she passionately delivered her music to the audience in Los Angeles, a water bottle came flying towards her on stage. With a fiery response, she exclaimed:

“I will f*ck your sh*t all the way up!”

Mismatch Performance

The incident has raised concerns about the treatment of artists during live performances. Fans took to social media, expressing their disappointment and speaking out against the disrespectful behavior. 

One user, @FckYaya wrote, “‘Ari Lennox recently told Angela Yee she was having a hard time opening up for Rod Wave because her music may be too happy for his crowd and there is a disconnect. Now she is getting bottles thrown at her. We do not need another Rico Nasty situation.” 

This refers to the unfortunate incident when rapper Rico Nasty was also victim to a fan throwing a water bottle at her during a concert in 2021, prompting her to jump into the crowd in response.

Ari Lennox had previously discussed her experience touring with Rod Wave, acknowledging the potential mismatch in energy and audience appreciation. She told Angela Yee:

“It’s hard, I’m opening up for young people. I think my music is too happy and his is like different.” 

Fans Getting Crazy At Concerts

Fans disrespecting artists on stage is not new. In 2018, a fan stormed the stage during Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s OTR II Tour, causing concern for the couple’s safety. 

More recently, Cardi B encountered a similar situation when a fan threw water on her during a concert. In response, Cardi retaliated by throwing her microphone at the offender. The microphone used in that incident was even auctioned off for charity, with bids reaching up to $100,000 on eBay.

Nardo Wick Issues Public Apology

The incident involving Ari Lennox joins a series of unfortunate encounters between fans and celebrities. Recently, Nardo Wick faced backlash after an altercation with a fan, leading the fan to seek medical treatment.