Slim Thug Apologizes After Facing Backlash For Controversial Remarks On Sexual Abuse Victims 

Slim Thug finds himself in hot water as he faces backlash following controversial comments about why sexual abuse victims don’t speak out sooner. Specifically, the Houston rapper’s remarks about singer/model Cassie filing allegations against Diddy sparked outrage on social media. 

Slim Thug Apologizes

Slim Thug is facing backlash and finding himself in hot water after making controversial comments regarding the reasons why sexual abuse victims may not speak out sooner. 

The Houston native’s comments come after Cassie’s recent filing allegations against Diddy. The rapper apologized on November 19 in an Instagram live:

“That was my personal opinion. I’m sorry we don’t agree on everything…I don’t hate Cassie, I didn’t even know Cassie was black…I just give y’all opinion, end of the day if I say something wrong correct me, tell me, I ain’t that small-minded,” he said. 

Slim Thug Sparks Controversy

Slim Thug stirred controversy when he took to his Instagram story on Nov. 18 and shared his thoughts on sexual abuse victims coming forward after a significant period. Referring to the recent allegations made by Cassie against Diddy, which included sexual abuse, physical abuse, and rape. 

Slim Thug expressed skepticism about the timing of such disclosures:

“When sh*t go down, you speak on it right there. It should be nuff and void. Let the people know immediately. There should be a time limit,” he stated.

The response on social media was swift and condemning. Many users on Twitter (X) criticized Slim Thug for his alleged manipulation and lack of understanding towards abuse victims. 

One user named @prettygirlxclub commented “spoken like a true abuser and manipulator,” and one other user named @409TLIGHT commented “Nah my n*gga. Accountability don’t expire.” 

Others called out Slim Thug for his alleged behavior in the past such as one user named @285Slim commenting,  “Slim Thug has a baby by his cousin. I didn’t know that until today. See why you should shut up sometimes lol.” 

Why It Takes Victims A While To Speak Up

As for Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy, the case was settled on November 17, just a day after it was initially filed. The details of the settlement have not been disclosed publicly.

Slim Thug’s comments regarding Cassie’s delayed disclosure of sexual abuse allegations against Diddy were met with backlash on social media. Users came to Cassie’s defense, pointing out why victims often wait to speak out. 

Additionally, studies have shown that fear, not being believed, and feeling trapped are common factors contributing to delayed disclosure.

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