Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Teams Up with Tech Company To Create Minimalist Cell Phone

Kendrick Lamar and his business partner are venturing into the tech industry with tech company pgLang, collaborating with technology firm Light. Together, they’ve created the much-anticipated Light Phone II, a minimalist device that offers a less distracting alternative to conventional smartphones. 

The Light Phone II

Kendrick Lamar and his business partner, Dave Free, have embarked on an exciting new venture in the tech industry. 

Together, through their company pgLang, they have partnered with technology firm Light, to create a unique cell phone experience. The result of this collaboration is the highly anticipated Light Phone II, a minimalist device aimed at providing a less-distracting alternative to traditional smartphones. 

Set to be released on November 2, the Light Phone II is expected to make waves in the mobile market. The Light Phone II distinguishes itself from conventional smartphones’ minimalist design and deliberate lack of certain features. 

‘Just A Phone’

Unlike typical cell phones, this device does not come with a web browser or a color interface, positioning itself as an antidote to the distractions of the modern era. Interested customers can find the phone listed as “just a phone” on the pgLang website, emphasizing its simplicity and focus on essential functionality. 

The website highlights the company’s commitment to privacy and independence, stating that all tools for the Light Phone II are built from scratch to ensure there are no third-party apps tracking user activity. In a time of “Surveillance Capitalism” and the “Attention Economy,” the Light Phone offers a different option where the customer is prioritized, emphasizing it as a phone for humans.

One notable feature exclusive to the 250 Light Phone II units is a “language tool.” Users can ask the phone a question, give it a shake, and receive a response on the screen. In addition to this novelty, the device will include a calendar, notes/voice memos, directions, podcasts, music, an alarm, a hotspot, and a calculator. The Light Phone II will be available for purchase at $250.

Kendrick Lamar On The Move

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang also partnered with Cash App to create an advertisement encouraging fans to be financially literate in August 2022. Lamar appeared in the ad for their “Invest In Yourself campaign. 

In other Kendrick Lamar news, he had a very successful night at the 2023 BET Awards by taking home four awards. The awards included “Lyricist Of The Year,” “Best Live Performer,” “Video Director,” and “Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year.”

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