Top 23 of 2023: Sexyy Red Makes Waves in the Hip-Hop World

All year, Sexyy Red has been making a name for herself in the world of hip-hop. The “Pound Town” rapper secures the twelfth spot in SOHH’s countdown for the Top 23 stories of 2023.

12. Sexyy Red Dominates Hip-Hop

With hit songs like “Looking For The Hoes” and “Shake Yo Dreads,” Sexyy Red has proven her prowess and consistency in the realm of women in rap.

The rapper has also been breaking boundaries and challenging norms. She recently introduced her first headlining tour, the Hood Hottest Princess Tour, giving fans an exclusive V.I.P. package called the “Club Sexyy Experience.”

Adding to the excitement surrounding Sexyy Red’s career, the rapper made headlines with her pregnancy announcement ahead of the “Hood Hottest Princess Tour.” Embracing motherhood, she continues to defy expectations and show that women can succeed in the male-dominated world of rap.

According to Issa Rae, creator of the hit show “Insecure,” Sexyy Red received a significant cosign when she was featured on the soundtrack for season 2 of Rap Sh!t. In an interview, Rae praised Sexyy Red as she stated that she loves how the rapper has a moment in a place of rap that is more “diversified.”

13. Rihanna’s Iconic Super Bowl Performance

Just as Sexyy Red continues to make waves in the music industry, another iconic artist captivated audiences differently. Rihanna‘s unforgettable comeback occurred during the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime performance, leaving fans in awe. The Bajan singer’s performance resulted in a surge of over 600% in streaming numbers, showcasing the enduring power of her artistry.