Eddie Murphy Returns To Beverly Hills In Fourth Installment Of Iconic Franchise On Netflix

Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his iconic role as “Axel Foley” in the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. The film, which will premiere on Netflix, promises to deliver the same entertaining mix of action, comedy, and nostalgia that made the original films such classics.

‘Beverly Hills Cop’ 2024

In Summer 2024, fans will have the chance to witness Eddie Murphy’s return as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, a Netflix exclusive. 

Joined by Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, who reprise their roles as Foley’s old friends, Billy Rosewood and John Taggart, the film also introduces new faces to the franchise. Taylour Paige plays Foley’s estranged daughter, Jane, who is now a criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins the cast as Det. Bobby Abbott, Foley’s new partner and Jane’s ex-boyfriend. Together, they must unravel a conspiracy after Jane’s life is put in danger.

More Returning Faces

Notably, the film features some familiar faces, including Kevin Bacon as Capt. Grant and Bronson Pinchot are reprising their roles as Serge. Paul Reiser also returns as Det. Jeffrey Friedman adds a touch of nostalgia for longtime fans.

 The star-studded cast brings together a perfect blend of talent and chemistry, promising an exciting and entertaining experience for viewers.

The announcement of the upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop” sequel has generated considerable buzz on social media. Fans on Twitter(X) have expressed their excitement and approval of Eddie Murphy’s return to the iconic role. 

One user commented, “It actually looks good and it’s great to see the old BHC crew back together again.” Another user enthusiastically stated, “This trailer could have just been Eddie’s laugh and the Beverly Hills Cop theme and I’d have been sold. Love the Axel Foley character.”

Eddie Murphy For The Holidays!

The Hollywood legend’s incredible talent and versatility as an actor and entertainer are well-known, and he continues to prove his prowess in the industry. In addition to the fourth Beverly Hills Cop film, Murphy stars in Prime Video’s holiday comedy Candy Cane Lane as part of his new film deal with Amazon Studios.

Despite receiving a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Candy Cane Lane has garnered numerous positive reviews from Black media outlets for its refreshing perspective.

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