Soulja Slim

Soulja Slim’s Sister Says Hometown Won’t Honor His Legacy

The city of New Orleans has come under fire after it denied the creation of a museum dedicated to the late rapper Soulja Slim. Magnolia Slim’s sister, and NOLA rapper, G.I. Peachez took to Instagram to express her disappointment, stating that the city “hated on” her brother’s legacy. 

The City Denies Soulja Slim

The news of the city’s refusal to allow a Soulja Slim museum broke on Thursday, November 9, 2023. G.I. Peachez, Soulja Slim’s sister, shared the information on Instagram alongside a memorabilia picture. 

In her post, she expressed:

“We wanted the Soulja Slim museum so bad for year 20 but the city hated on you so bad and wouldn’t allow us to get any museum to celebrate your life and music. No worries we’ll take it on the road cause this is a story that must be told!!”

Soulja Slim is a prominent figure in the New Orleans hip-hop scene who tragically lost his life on November 26, 2003. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his passing, and his impact is still deeply felt. Soulja Slim was murdered in front of his mother’s home, as it still remains an unsolved case. 

G.I. Peachez Talks With SOHH

Despite this, his legacy continues to inspire artists and fans alike. Slim would have been 46 years old this year. SOHH contacted G.I. Peachez for more details on the museum’s rejection. She explained:

“The problem didn’t come until I started reaching out to a lot of the Black museums throughout New Orleans. I reached out to the New Orleans African-American Museum, Ashe which is a cultural museum. Actually, at a lot of the museums I was leaving voicemails, and emails. I had other people leaving voicemails and emails, like it was no callbacks. As soon as I said that name, Soulja Slim, it was no type of feedback. It was just highly unprofessional.” 

However, she remains determined to make the museum happen, as she states:

“We’re going to make it happen, it’s supposed to happen, he inspired a lot of artists.” 

Previously, his family revealed their plans to create a museum dedicated to preserving and honoring his memory. G.I. Peachez and Lil Soulja Slim, Soulja Slim’s son, expressed their desire to uplift his legacy in an interview with Off The Porch.

Funeral Homes Rejecting Burials

The rejection of Soulja Slim’s memorabilia and the city’s resistance to a museum dedicated to his legacy is not an isolated incident. Another late rapper, Lil Keed, recently faced a similar situation. After Lil Keed’s grave was vandalized, reports emerged that some funeral homes were rejecting burials for those affiliated with gangs, as the rapper passed away from natural causes.