Uncle Luke | Gloria Velez

Uncle Luke Accused Of Alleged Grooming Tactics By Former Video Vixen

Former video vixen, Gloria Velez, has taken a bold step by calling out men in the hip-hop industry, including legendary figure Uncle Luke. In a recent Instagram story, Velez voiced her concerns about grooming practices, claiming they began in 1994 with the Miami icon and others.

Gloria Calls Out Uncle Luke

Gloria Velez was one of the first Latina video vixens to gain widespread recognition. She appeared in videos for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, such as Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, and Sisqo.

Velez’s accusations against Uncle Luke have brought attention to the issue of grooming within the hip-hop community. Velez, a prominent video vixen from the late 90s and early 2000s, shared her experience with her Instagram story. She revealed:

“If you don’t think Grooming is happening in this business your sadly mistaken, it’s started 1994 with Luke and a few others in this business. I was in high school.” She then wrote, “South Florida 1993/1994, teen clubs, where the pedophilia men scouted & groomed (it was their playground)”

Uncle Luke Responds

Uncle Luke responded to Velez’s accusations in a video. Initially unaware of the term “grooming,” Luke expressed:

“I just learned what the f*ck grooming means. I didn’t even know what the f*ck grooming means. They had to explain that shit to me. Ya’ll got the right one.I don’t have no problem going to court. I’m not Russell Simmons. I’m not them other people. I don’t do that. I know my brand. My brand is Luke. Hey we want some p*ssy, face down, a** up. That’s what n*ggas like. Me so horny. The problem, is when you know your brand and you know what you’re singing about. You subject yourself to be in that kind of trap.” 

In a comment under one of Velez’s posts, Luke wrote:

“No no no Luke don’t get down like that baby. Keep your convention on your baby daddy before you get a defamation lawsuit.”

The exchange between Gloria Velez and Uncle Luke has resonated with users one social media.  @_KayRie wrote, “It’s sad bc so many men are putting heat on a woman who was a CHILD when this happened, but not the men who literally r*ped her. 

One of em even ADMITTED to it. A child is a child. It don’t matter what she did, the adult is responsible & shouldn’t even be attracted to a child.”

‘It Wasn’t About Me’

Velez herself shared a photo of her high school ID card, writing, “I look like a baby.”

It is important to note that a resurfaced Instagram post from Velez revealed a disturbing aspect of her past. In the post, she shared a photo of her and her son, writing:

“I’ve experience a lot in this industry and never spoke out. Because I didn’t want to hurt anyone;s career even tho they hurt me. The only reason why I spoke out about my sons father was because I had to protect my son from him. It wasn’t about me. Your body. Your beautiful. So our society blames the woman always. Look how your dressed, why did u go with him etc. a young girl native looking up to an older man doesn’t give him the right to take advantage of her. I believe those women who made claims about r. Kelly. I felt there pain. I couldn’t stop the tears coming down my face while I watched. I’m happy women are finally speaking out. It’s time.”


R&B singer Aaron Hall, is the father of her child. Velez claims Hall was 31 years old while she was 16 during their relationship. 

Hall achieved marginal success during the the early 90s with hit songs like “Don’t Be Afraid.” In the song, Hall sang of a forced interaction with a virgin in which he locks her in a room while she screams for help. The lyrics to the charting single read, “No need to run and no need to hide, All the doors are locked baby and I have you inside. You can yell and you can hit me, It just makes me horny.”

Cassie Vs. Diddy

Gloria Velez’s revelations about grooming in the hip-hop industry align with the ongoing movement of individuals sharing their stories in the entertainment industry. Just recently, R&B singer Cassie brought attention to her own experiences of alleged abuse by filing a lawsuit against Diddy, which was later settled 24 hours later.