Beyoncé, Usher, Adele & New Edition: Will Residencies Replace Tours For Veteran Artists?

The legendary Beyoncé is rumored to be the next contender for Las Vegas’s newest residency, the Sphere. In addition to Queen Bey’s potential residency, artists like Usher, Adele, and New Edition have already embraced the idea of regular weekly shows in a single city. Could this be the new wave for veteran artists?

Las Vegas Residencies

According to the New York Post, Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, and Jay-Z have taken tours of the $2.3 billion venue, the Sphere, on the Las Vegas Strip, sparking rumors that she may be the second performer at the residency preceding rock band, U2

A concert residency entails a series of concerts performed at a single location, typically for months to years. Artists like Usher and Adele have already seen significant success with their Vegas residencies. 

The “Confessions” singer, who debuted his My Way: The Las Vegas Residency in 2021, reportedly earns over $2 million per night. Similarly, Adele’s “Weekends With Adele” show at Cesar’s Palace brings in over $690,000 per night. 

In addition, the legendary R&B group, New Edition has announced that they will be embarking on their Las Vegas residency, which is set to begin in February 2024

Ecstatic BeyHive Fans

Fans have eagerly anticipated the possibility of Beyoncé utilizing the venue’s full potential. One user wrote, “I saw this coming. She’s one of the few artists with the creativity to utilize the sphere to its fullest potential.”

However other fans are opposed to the news, believing that Beyonce won’t be doing a residency. User @AshleyShyMiller wrote, “I hate to burst ya’ll bubble, but Beyonce is NOT doing any residency anywhere. Let’s be smart.”

“I hate to burst ya’ll bubble, but Beyonce is NOT doing any residency anywhere. Let’s be smart.”


As fans express their excitement and skepticism, the prospect of residencies replacing tours is gaining momentum. With the success and profitability of residencies, it seems that more artists may follow suit in the near future.

RENAISSANCE: A Film By Beyoncé

While Beyoncé’s potential residency is generating buzz, it’s worth noting that she recently concluded her groundbreaking tour, The Renaissance World Tour. The tour, coupled with the upcoming release of her concert film, “RENAISSANCE: A Film By Beyoncé,” which is set to premiere on December 1. 

Physical Records Vs. Streaming

In another related discussion concerning veteran artists, there is a debate over whether artists should embrace physical records in the streaming era. While streaming dominates the music industry, some argue that artists should continue to release physical records to cater to fans who appreciate the tactile nature of music consumption.