Diddy Denies Sexual Assault Allegations As 4th Victim Comes Forward

Diddy has been hit with his fourth sexual assault allegation as a new lawsuit emerges. The accuser, a 17-year-old girl referred to as Jane Doe, claims that the hip-hop mogul, along with former Bad Boy president Harve Pierre and another unidentified man, trafficked and gang-raped her in 2003. Diddy has since taken to his social media to break his silence, denying the allegations.

Diddy Slammed With 4th Lawsuit

Diddy faces a fourth sexual assault accusation as a new lawsuit comes to light. In the 14-page lawsuit, Jane Doe alleges that she was introduced to the Bad Boy CEO through Harve Pierre, who claimed to be a close friend. 

Pierre arranged for Jane Doe to meet Diddy and invited her on a spontaneous trip to New York aboard a private jet. 

The lawsuit details how Jane Doe was transported to Diddy’s recording studio and subjected to non-consensual and violent sexual acts by Diddy (also known as Sean Combs) and the unidentified third man. There are photos included as evidence, showing Diddy with the teenage girl, as she was 17 years old, and he was 34 years old at the time.

Another ‘Trigger Warning’

In the legal document, numerous allegations implicate the three men. The lawsuit incorporates a “trigger warning,” akin to the previous filing by R&B singer Casandra Ventura, also known as Cassie

Furthermore, Attorney Douglas H. Wigdor lodged the latest lawsuit on behalf of the teenager. Notably, he had previously represented Cassie in her high-profile lawsuit, which surfaced on Nov. 16. 

The lawsuit leveled accusations against Diddy for sexual assault and trafficking. Following the filing of the lawsuit, both parties settled within 24 hours.

Pertaining to the document, it provides graphic details of Combs engaging in non-consensual intercourse with the woman, who did not consent to sexual activity with Combs. She described the incident as everything being a “blur,” and recounted that Combs removed her undergarments and penetrated her from behind with his penis while she was positioned over the sofa.

More Details Revealed

The lawsuit also claims that Diddy and his associates took turns sexually assaulting Jane Doe while she was barely conscious. 

According to the filing, Diddy watched the assault from a nearby chair, while the men violated the young girl. After the assault, Jane Doe was left alone in the bathroom, unable to walk, until she regained enough strength to be taken back to the airport and flown back to Michigan. 

The filing alleges that Diddy had connections with the Black Mafia Family, a reputed drug trafficking and money laundering operation in Michigan.


Diddy has released a three-sentence statement on Instagram addressing the allegations, where he stated:

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, For the last couple of weeks, I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, and destroy my reputation and my legacy. Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth.” 

Fans were not here for Diddy’s statement where one user named @waterlilysam wrote, “Ummm…. Didn’t you just settle a case in TWENTY FOUR HOURS with a woman you tried to claim was extorting you? I wonder why you did that if you never did any of those awful things. The math ain’t mathing Sean.” 

Another user named @chrxterino wrote, “Diddy, this ain’t the 90s nor 2000s, you can’t issue a PR statement regarding your reputation when many been saying this for years. You’re guilty & you’re upset at what you did.”

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Diddy’s Recent Paparazzi Photos After Settling With Cassie Stir Speculation

Diddy has recently been in the spotlight, displaying signs of distress following the resolution of his legal dispute with ex-girlfriend and singer Cassie. Recent candid paparazzi photographs taken outside the hip-hop icon’s home have captured him in a seemingly disheveled state.

Paparazzi Finds Diddy

Diddy reportedly found himself caught in distress following the settlement of his legal battle with ex-girlfriend and singer Cassie.

Recent paparazzi photos taken outside the Bad Boy Records CEO’s Miami home captured Diddy in a disheveled state, wearing loungewear and appearing visibly troubled, sparking speculation on social media about the possible reasons behind his distress. The recent pictures reveal him with his head down, seemingly engrossed in phone conversations, and at one point, sitting down with his arms wrapped around his body.

Fans Think It’s Staged?

The distressing photographs of Diddy spread quickly on social media, leading to a flurry of comments from concerned fans and curious onlookers, speculating about what could be happening behind the scenes. 

One user, @YokoBarbieBih, remarked, “I think it’s ironic how paparazzi now getting pics of this man after all this. But I guess it would make sense to try since he’s the MC in this ordeal.” Another user, @itsrachelsimone, wrote, “My trust issues so bad.. These pics look staged, it’s giving he wants to look stressed.”

Lawsuit Settled

Cassie, known by her full name Cassandra Ventura, alleged the Bad Boy artist of physical and sexual abuse throughout their decade-long relationship. The lawsuit, documented in a 35-page legal filing, detailed the alleged mistreatment Cassie endured. 

However, on Friday, Nov. 17, just nearly 24 hours after the public release of the legal document, Diddy and Cassie settled, leaving the civil lawsuit to end.

Kanye West Sued For Tossing Photographer’s Phone

Speaking of paparazzi, in June 2023, Kanye West faced a lawsuit after allegedly throwing a photographer’s phone into the street following an argument. The photographer claimed that Kanye targeted her and other paparazzi members in a fit of anger, leading to the incident.

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