The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser Demands Trial Proceed Despite Manager Being Dropped

The Game is facing a significant legal battle as his sexual assault accuser recently refused to allow the trial to be postponed. This follows even after the Los Angeles rapper’s manager Wack 100, had his name dropped from the case.

Rainey Continues To Push

In 2016, a woman named Priscilla Rainey sued The Game, accusing him of sexual assault. The lawsuit resulted in Rainey being awarded $7 million in damages. Wack 100, The Game’s manager, was also named in the lawsuit.

However, days before his court appearance, Wack 100’s lawyer dropped him as a client, leading to uncertainty in the case.

Despite Wack 100’s departure, Rainey is adamantly pushing for the trial to proceed as scheduled. She is determined to hold the Los Angeles rapper accountable for the alleged assault, and her demand for justice remains resolute.

‘Intent Not To Pay’

The accused rapper’s legal team now faces the challenge of defending him without the support of his former manager. Since the initial lawsuit, Rainey has been attempting to collect the money awarded to her.

In 2021, she filed another lawsuit against Wack 100 and The Game, alleging that they had created shell companies to hide assets and avoid paying the judgment. In her lawsuit, Rainey claimed:

“Jones and [The Game] conspired together to transfer and conceal [The Game’s] assets by transferring them among themselves and shell companies under their control. No one need guess about [The Game’s] and Jones’ intent to not pay the Judgment owed by [The Game] to Rainey, as they have made it abundantly clear in various social media posts that they never intend to pay a dime to Rainey on her judgment.”

However, in a newly filed motion, The firm that represented Wack said there had been a “breakdown” in attorney-client communications and it had become “unreasonably difficult” for the lawyer to “carry out the representation effectively.”

Wack 100 Dropped

In the motion, the firm said Wack failed to work on trial preparation, attend a December 1, 2023 mediation, and failed to “respond” to the firm regarding settlement efforts.

The law firm representing Wack 100 recently filed a motion to withdraw as his legal counsel, citing a breakdown in attorney-client communications and difficulties in effectively representing him. The firm stated that Wack 100 had failed to work on trial preparation, attend a mediation session, and respond to settlement efforts.

As a result, they expressed a lack of confidence in his commitment to the case. While Wack 100 denies any wrongdoing, and the trial is scheduled to begin on December 11, Rainey is firmly opposing any postponement of the trial date. The court has yet to rule on her demand.

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Surviving Diddy?

In a similar vein, rap mogul Diddy recently faced a sexual assault allegation when his ex-girlfriend Cassie filed a lawsuit against him, alleging abuse and rape during their relationship. However, the case was settled one day after it was filed.