‘In Our DNA: Hip-House’ Shines Spotlight On The Fusion of Hip-Hop & House Music

In Our DNA: Hip-House, a new documentary celebrating the creation of house music/hip-hop fusion was recently released. This three-part series, tells the story of how hip-hop and house music genres came together to create the unique sound known as “Hip-House.”

‘In Our DNA’

On Thursday, Dec. 7, 300 Studios and the Black Experience released In Our DNA: Hip-House on the Xfinity channel.

The documentary focuses on the origins of this movement in Chicago and explores its lasting impact on contemporary music. With interviews from pioneers like Fast Eddie, In Our DNA showcases the intersection of hip-hop and house, which continues to influence artists and music today.


The first part of In Our DNA: Hip-House highlights the people, music, and movements that emerged during the era of hip-house music in Chicago.

The documentary traces the roots of this fusion genre and delves into its significance in shaping the music landscape. From its inception, hip-house paved the way for the evolution of both hip-hop and house music, creating a new sound that resonates to this day.

‘A New Sound and Genre’

The documentary pays tribute to hip-house pioneers, recognizing their contributions to music history. The trailer, shared by Kevin Liles, Chairman and CEO of 300 Elektra Entertainment, offers a glimpse into the journey of hip-house from its origins to its enduring presence in contemporary music.

In Our DNA also serves as a celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, providing an in-depth exploration of its evolution alongside house music.

Liles expressed gratitude to Comcast and Black Experience on Xfinity for recognizing the significance of the hip-house story and partnering to produce this documentary. He also emphasized the importance of highlighting the achievements of young black kids who pioneered hip-house in Chicago, as their innovation continues to influence artists and shape today’s music industry.

“300 Studios is dedicated to finding and telling unique stories about our unsung heroes throughout our culture,” Liles said. “We are proud to have such an amazing partner with Comcast and Black Experience On Xfinity who immediately understood how important it was to produce this story about young black kids who pioneered Chicago House and how it ultimately collided with Hip Hop to create a new sound and genre that still influences today’s artists and music.”

Hip-Hop Meets House

House music’s influence has been shown in hip-hop over the last couple of years.

In June 2022, rap superstar Drake shifted into another lane outside of rap by making his album, Honestly, Nevermind, which had a mixture of rap and house music. In July 2022, R&B/pop superstar Beyoncé released her highly anticipated album, Renaissance, which had a mixture of dancehall and house music.

In Our DNA: Hip-House is now available for streaming exclusively on the Black Experience channel and Xumo.

Kevin Liles shared the importance of hip-house but has also made contributions to help out rappers in other ways. In June 2022, he launched a petition against the use of rap lyrics for evidence in cases. He was helping out rap star Young Thug in his YSL RICO case.

NBA x Hip-Hop

The NBA produced another documentary that explored the relationship between hip-hop and another realm. In October 2023, NBA players and legends teamed up with rappers for a short documentary that delved into the deep ties between hip-hop and the NBA. Featuring influential figures such as Lil Wayne, LeBron James, Stephen CurryLL Cool J, and others.