Jeezy Accused Of Infidelity Amid Divorce Filing

Jeannie Mai has recently responded in legal documents of her divorce from rapper Jeezy. The Television personality has accused the Atlanta rapper of infidelity, putting their prenuptial agreement at stake. 

Jeannie Speaks Her Speaks Her Piece

The legal documents, filed on Dec. 1, insinuate that Jeezy has been unfaithful throughout their marriage. Mai’s lawyer, as noted by TMZ, stated:

“Wife reserves the right to amend the counterclaim to add other grounds for divorce, but which Wife does not wish to specify herein at this time in the hope this matter can be resolved without having to disclose such conduct publicly.” 

Furthermore, the filing continued, 

“Wife further shows that the Court should enforce Paragraph 8 of the Prenuptial Agreement regarding infidelity which provides, in pertinent part, that in the event that either party engages in sexual relations, an emotional relationship, or is emotionally or sexually suggestive in communication with a third party via all forms of electronic communications, including but not limited to texting, sexting, Facetiming, social media and/or Direct Messages, shall result in a significant financial penalty upon the adulterous party …”

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Jeezy Files For Divorce From Jeannie

On Sept. 14, after two and a half years of marriage, Jeezy reportedly filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai in Fulton County Superior Court. While the details of Jeezy’s alleged infidelity remain undisclosed, the claims made by Mai have undoubtedly intensified the already heated divorce proceedings. 

Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Emotional Journey After Divorce From Jeezy

Jeannie Mai recently made an appearance on the Sherri show, where she finally opened up about her divorce from Jeezy, sharing her thoughts and feelings on the situation. This comes after the rapper filed for divorce in September 2023.

Jeannie Opens Up With Sherri

On Thursday, Oct. 12, speaking as a guest on the Sherri show, hosted by Sherri Shepherd, Jeannie Mai candidly shared her emotional journey and the reasons behind the split. With heartfelt words, she emphasized the importance of self-care and finding strength through faith. 

Mai’s appearance on the Sherri provided a platform for her to open up about her divorce from Jeezy. When questioned about the split, she responded with raw emotion, acknowledging the daily struggle of finding peace within her thoughts and focusing on self-care. 

“I’m not going to lie, it takes every day to sit and be quiet in your thoughts [and] take care of me,” Mai said. 

The former co-host of The Real made another emotional statement by sharing a powerful belief in surrendering her pain to a higher power, stating:

“If you give God your pain, he will give you his power.” 

The audience and Shepherd showed their support, applauding Mai’s courageous words.

Monaco: Jeannie’s ‘North Star’

During the show, Shepherd also related to Mai’s experience, sharing her own journey through divorce and offering prayers for Mai’s healing process. 

Mai expressed her gratitude for her daughter, Monaco, whom she referred to as her “North Star.” She revealed that her daughter’s love and presence have been instrumental in helping her navigate through the challenges of divorce. 

The television personality’s acknowledgment of Monaco’s impact on her healing further emphasizes the strength and bond within their mother-daughter relationship. On September 14, Jeezy filed for divorce from Mai after two and a half years of marriage. 

The rapper is also seeking joint legal custody of their daughter.

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Jeezy Files For Divorce From ‘The Real’ Host Jeannie Mai

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are reportedly calling it quits. The once-wedded couple is now filing for divorce, ending their two-and-a-half-year marriage.

Jeezy & Jeanie Call It Quits

On September 14, after two and a half years of marriage, Jeezy reportedly filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai in Fulton County Superior Court. The documents state that their marriage is “irretrievably broken” without hope for reconciliation. 

In addition, the Atlanta rapper is seeking joint legal custody of their daughter, Monaco.

The couple tied the knot in March 2021, with Jeezy sharing intimate moments from their wedding day on his social media platforms. Shortly after, Jeezy and The Real host announced they were expecting their first child together. In January 2022, they welcomed their daughter, Monaco.

Social Media On Fire

After the divorce news, controversial clips of Jeannie Mai from her time on the reality talk show The Real have resurfaced. 

During a segment on the show titled, “What’s Your Type?” comedian Lonnie Love asked Mai if she has dated black men before. Jeannie responded by expressing her love for black guys and added:

“But for me, dark meat on the side, white keeps me mean and lean.” 

This comment sparked some backlash and raised eyebrows among viewers.

Users on social media expressed their opinions on Jeannie Mai’s past comments, where one user wrote, “Jeezy was crazy for even dating a woman who would say “dark meat on the side. White keeps me mean & lean” on a nationally televised show lol.”

Another user also wrote,  “Made no sense to marry her in the first place when she already told the world she likes her “dark meat on the side.”

Ne-Yo & Ex-Wife Finalize Divorce

In the realm of celebrity divorces, Ne-Yo and his ex-wife Crystal Renae have recently finalized their divorce. Renae took to social media to accuse the singer and songwriter of cheating on her, hinting at the reason behind their split.

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