Rick Ross Attempts To Troll 50 Cent, Offering $2 Million For G-Unit Catalogs

The beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent seems to be reigniting once again. Fans have been speculating since the Miami rapper took a petty shot at the rapper/entrepreneur in a new clip.

Rick Ross Wants To Buy G-Unit Catalogs

In a recent video shared by Rick Ross on Dec. 10, the Miami native addressed 50 Cent directly, proposing to purchase the catalogs of his G-Unit rappers Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo. The Queens-bred rapper reportedly bought G-Unit’s masters in 2021.

“I read yesterday that Young Buck’s catalog is worth 725K for the entire catalog,” Ross said. “I could only assume that Lloyd Banks is worth about the same. So I say keep it simple, throw Tony Yayo in there and I’ll give you 1.5[million].”

Ross also wanted to offer money for G-Unit’s 2003 debut album Beg For Mercy:

“I’ll give you another 500K  for the masters of that, so that’s $2 million dollars,” Ross added.

Users on Twitter (X) reacted to Ross’ offer to 50 Cent.

One user named @bluto888 commented, “Niggas too old to be doing this. Go enjoy that money somewhere with folks you care about. This shit lame and feminine,” and one other user named @_bigRaytheGoat_ commented, “trynna do 50 Cent s*it to 50 CENT.. makes you look like a dumb ass.” However, one user named @Giftaveli joked and commented, “He’s about to go buy gunplay masters for $500 and a pack of Newports.”

Rick Ross Vs. 50 Cent

The beef between the two rappers reignited over 50, making fun of the “Lyrical Eazy” rapper’s album sales a week prior. On Dec. 4, the New York native shared a recap video from The Final Lap Tour, where he dissed Ross and Meek Mill’s new album Too Good To Be True, reportedly selling around 31,000 albums in its first week.

50 Cent also commented on the album sales In the post, “If you sell 31,009 CDs, I shouldn’t talk to you,” 50 says in one part of the clip, captioning the post, “31,009 the first week,” along with a laughing emoji.


Ross responded to the “Many Men” rapper on his Instagram story and referenced 50 Cent’s girlfriend, Cuban Link:

“Just got a DM say, ‘Rozay, we believe 50 Cent just made a comment about you online,'” Ross said in the video. “I seen it, and I said, ‘Y’all don’t know 50 Cent like I do. He wouldn’t do that.’ For one, his b*tch Dreamchasers. She been a Dreamchasers b*tch for many years, still is. That’s when she told me I was her favorite.”

What’s Beef?

This latest clash reignites a beef that started in 2008 when 50 Cent took offense to Rick Ross associating with Fat Joe, with whom the “Candy Shop” rapper was feuding at the time.

Ross retaliated in his song “Mafia Music” by referencing a house fire that occurred where 50 Cent’s ex Shaniqua Tompkins lived with their song, Ross rapped:

“I love to pay her bills, can’t wait to pay her rent Curtis Jackson baby mama. I ain’t asking for a cent. Burn the house down gotta buy another. Don’t forget the gas can jealous stupid motherf*cker.”

50 fired back at Ros with the diss track “Officer Ricky”, which makes fun of Ross’ time as a corrections officer. In the song:

“Officer Ricky, radio for backup. See ya ass anywhere you know I’m gon act up. You want play with me, when I don’t want play? Have my n*ggas whip the skin off your ass in broad day.”

The feud spiraled as both artists traded diss tracks and personal attacks. Leviston later sued 50 for exploiting her and won $5 million.

The Boiling Point?

In 2018, 50 Cent added to his beef with Ross by partying with Ross’s ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston. On Instagram, the TV mogul/rapper shared a picture of him and Leviston hanging out and partying together in Miami.

However, the beef between the two rappers was at a boiling point in 2015, when 50 threatened Rick Ross after mentioning his son on Instagram. In 2014, the beef between 50 and Ross took a different turn when Ross gave a “pass” to 50 after rap mogul Diddy came after him on Instagram.

Saucy Santana Vs. DJ Akademiks

Another recent argument that went back and forth was between hip-hop blogger DJ Akademiks and rapper Saucy Santana. The beef started when DJ Akademiks called out the City Girls for having low album sales for R.A.W. due to Santana being a friend of the City Girls, he challenged him to a fight and released the diss track “Meet Me In The Skreets.”