Young Dolph’s Fiancée Fights For Late Rapper’s Justice

Late Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s fiancée is on a mission for justice after his tragic passing. Speaking with Memphis’ WREG News Channel 3, she introduced her impactful movement, “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old,” transcending beyond a streetwear brand to confront the senseless violence plaguing their community.

‘Black Men Deserve To Grow Old’

Mia Jaye, the fiancée of the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph, is determined to fight for justice following his untimely death.

In a recent interview with Memphis’ WREG News Channel 3 on Nov. 30, Jaye passionately advocated for justice for Young Dolph and introduced her powerful movement, “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old.” The campaign holds a more profound meaning beyond being just a streetwear brand, aiming to address the senseless violence that claims lives in their community. 

Under the banner of “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old,” Mia Jaye holds individuals accountable for the violent acts that plague their community. She believes that the lack of accountability perpetuates the cycle of senseless killings, and it’s time for change. Jaye shared in the interview:

“We’re not holding one another accountable for the lives that are being taken senselessly, violently, and things of that nature. And so we need to speak up and let our people know like we need to do better.”

‘I Don’t Want People Thinking We’re Good’

The tragic loss of her brother in 2021, followed by the murder of Young Dolph on November 17, 2021, catapulted Jaye into action. As a mother of their two children, she finds solace and empowerment in their creativity and talent. 

The children, aged 6 and 9, have embraced their voices and are actively participating in the movement. Jaye explained:

“They feel so empowered, you know, as 6 and 9-year-olds, right. Like they feel so empowered, like they have a voice and they’re using it, and they see their creation come to life and they’re just so proud of it.”

However, two years after Young Dolph’s murder, Mia Jaye’s frustration with the judicial system is palpable. She has taken to social media to raise her concerns and demand accountability. In her plea to the public, she emphasized:

“I don’t want people thinking we’re good; we’re just plugging along. No, we’re not. I don’t even know what’s going on, so let the public ask y’all. That’s why I opened up my mouth because the feet still need to be held to the fire.”

Justice For Dolph

Jaye expressed her dismay at the news surrounding the case, particularly regarding Judge Lee Coffee recusing himself and accused shooter Justin Johnson of producing a song while in jail. She expressed frustration:

“For me to see this play out as if it is some type of entertainment… That’s a disrespect to me. That’s a disrespect to my family, and it’s a disrespect to Adolph.”

When asked about her vision of justice for the late rapper, Mia Jaye emphasized the importance of truth and accountability: 

“It looks like the truth coming to the forefront, not just a fall guy, a fall that won’t be good enough… Everybody who had any type of involvement with this being brought to justice, being brought front and center, being handed a sentence.” 

The trial for Young Dolph’s accused killers will start in 2024. 

R.I.P. Young Dolph

In other news involving justice for Young Dolph, the trial dates have been set for murder suspects Cornelius Smith and Justin Johnson. The date for the suspects will be March 11, 2024, in Shelby County, Tennessee. 

The “Preach” rapper was posthumously honored by his hometown of Memphis and Georgia with his “Dolph Day of Service.” The day was first recognized on November 17, 2022, the first anniversary of Young Dolph’s death. 

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