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They Tried To Warn Us: Celebrities Rally Behind Cassie As Details Of Diddy’s Abuse Emerge

As the world grapples with the 5th anniversary of the tragic death of Kim Porter, a psychic has also shared haunting messages from Porter’s spiritual energy, foreshadowing the unraveling of Diddy and his dark secrets. Additionally, more fellow celebrities have also come forward.

‘Dancing With The Devil’

On Friday, November 17, Mark Curry, a former artist with Bad Boy and the first rapper signed to the label, voiced his concerns about Diddy in light of the recent revelations. 

He used his Instagram story to repost a photo that stated:

“I been telling ppl for 20 years that man was foul. Watch how it all unravels after this tho.. #TheFall.” Additionally, Curry is actively promoting his new book titled “How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop: Dancing with the Devil.”

Mark Curry, Instagram

Former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day, who herself has spoken out about Diddy’s history of abuse, took to social media to express solidarity with Cassie. Offering prayers and support, O’Day emphasized:

“Been trynna tell ya’ll for years. Prayers up for this Queen @cassie.” O’Day continued, “One day ya’ll are gonna put some respect on my name when I tell you things. Thank you!”

More Bad Boy Members Speak Out

O’Day presented phone call screenshots, including conversations with D. Woods, Brooklyn Babs, and Willie Taylor, all former artists associated with Bad Boy. Brooklyn Babs was part of the group Da Bands, Willie Taylor was a member of the band Day26, and D. Woods was a former member of Danity Kane.

Following O’Day’s revelations, D. Woods, another former member of Danity Kane, took to her Twitter account after a year to express her support for Cassie as well. She stated:

“I haven’t posted anything on this platform for a very long time, but today… there is a very good reason to.” She tweeted again, saying, “Self Worth, Peace of Mind, and the Right to Speak your TRUTH… Cassie, You are incredibly brave to shine light on what you endured in the dark. I’m sorry you had to go through it alone. I’m praying for your continued strength, and I offer my full support to you.”

A Proven Prediction

On Nov. 16, a psychic named Sloan Bella stated she received messages from Kim Porter’s spiritual energy. Kim Porter, who passed away at the age of 47, was a model and ex-partner of Diddy and is also the mother of his children. 

Sloan Bella’s psychic message revealed that things would start to unravel with Diddy in November of 2023. The YouTube video was released five months ago, on June 3, 2023. 

Kimora Lee Simmons, model, mogul, and friend of the late Kim Porter, shared a cryptic message on her Instagram story following the revelations. Quoting the adage “as you sow, so shall you reap,” Simmons seemed to imply that the truth would eventually catch up with Diddy, mirroring the message from Porter’s spiritual energy revealed by the psychic.

Outpouring Support For Cassie

Cassie’s claims have received support from fellow artists who have experienced the toxic environment fostered by Diddy. 

O’Day shared screenshots of phone calls with D. Woods, Brooklyn Babs, and Willie Taylor, all former Bad Boy artists, corroborating the allegations of abuse within the music industry. D. Woods herself, breaking her Twitter silence, expressed her admiration for Cassie’s bravery and offered her full support. She wrote:

“I haven’t posted anything on this platform for a very long time, but today… there is a very good reason to.” She tweeted again saying, “Self Worth, Peace of Mind and the Right to Speak your TRUTH… Cassie, You are incredibly brave to shine light on what you endured in the dark. Im sorry you had to go through it alone. Im praying for your continued strength and I offer my full support to you.” 

‘Damn Brother Love’

A video clip of the 50 Cent recently resurfaced, in which he spoke on why he doesn’t party with Diddy. The New York rapper made allegations that the Bad Boy Records CEO’s parties was asking him when there would be a chance that the two could hang out. 50 Cent stated:

“He [Diddy] telling me we have to kick it and sh*t, and he was like yo’ why don’t we go shopping or something or some sh*t, I’ll pay for it. I was like the f*ck this n*gga just say.”

More Diddy Allegations

Additionally, Azealia Banks took to her Instagram story, alleging that Diddy had physically assaulted Cassie, even sending her on a “vacation” to Hawaii to hide the evidence. She wrote:

“THIS IS TRUE, One time Diddy beat her up so bad he sent her on a 3week “vacation” to Hawaii just so no one would see or question how her face got like that. Another violent hiphop homosexua. THIS IS WHAT MENTAL ILLNESS LOOKS LIKE FOR ALL OF YOU ARMCHAIR PSYCOLOGISTS.”

Even Yung Joc, a rapper associated with Diddy, shared a story about Diddy’s control and influence over Cassie. In an interview with VLAD TV from 2022, Joc recalled a night out with the two ex-lovers when the music mogul asked Cassie to shave the side of her head. 

Joc stated Diddy once told Cassie:

“Yo, Cassie, tomorrow I want you to shave the side of your head.” Joc said, “And I was like, what the f*ck kind of request is that? When I looked up there, white woman with a side of her head was shaved and the b*tch looked good with it. So I was looking at Cassie and I was like you not about to do that are you? She said, well I mean whatever Sean wants, I’m gonna do. I was like you make sure you send me a picture before you do that sh*t. So, in like 2 or 3 days, she sent me a picture.”

Yung Joc, Vlad TV

“I Was Right”

Jaguar Wright, a vocal critic of the music industry, emerged as a supporter of singer Cassie. Wright shared an urgent message with YouTuber Storm Monroe, where she stated:

“I mean what opinion do I need to have, I was f*cking right. I was as right as my motherf*ckin’ name. I said it when I was sitting there with them ungrateful f*cks over there on that blue couch. I warned Yung Miami, I said you’d better run as fast as Cassie did. Now, look at it. “ Wright even stated that she will advocate for Cassie. Wright stated, “I will advocate for you, because see I know something that a lot of you don’t know. You and Kim Porter had a sit-down before she left us, and I know Kim had some very good advice to give you. I believe this is why things are happening as they’re happening now.”

As Diddy’s real character continues to unfold, a video featuring his ex-girlfriend and mother of his baby girl, Love Combs Gina Huynh has resurfaced, where she had an interview with gossip blogger Tasha K. In the interview from four years ago, Huynh alleged that Diddy was caught texting another man, leading to a heated altercation. 

She recounted:

“He pushed me, and I fell to the ground. He stood over me, and I was lying on my back. He started punching me on the side of my head.” Huynh further detailed that he avoided her face but repeatedly struck her on the side of her head, and subsequently stomped on her stomach. 

Azealia Banks Exposes Diplo

What’s done in the dark will soon come to light, especially in the spotlight of Hollywood. Recently, rapper Azealia Banks exposed the problematic history of producer Diplo, implicating him in allegations of sexual abuse with young women, including herself.