Surviving Diddy: More Reactions To The Music Mogul’s Abusive Behavior

Diddy is facing intense scrutiny as numerous people in the music industry speak out about his alleged abusive behavior. In an unfolding saga being dubbed “Surviving Diddy,” former artists and associates are speaking out after singer/model Cassie filed a lawsuit accusing the music mogul of sexual and physical assault during their 10-year relationship.

Danity Kane Members Speak Out

In the wake of the shocking lawsuit filed by Cassie on Nov. 16, former artists on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records have come forward including members of the female pop group, Danity Kane. The group was prominently featured in the MTV series, Making the Band, where Diddy engaged aspiring singers in a survival-like contest to win a coveted spot in his band and a recording deal on Bad Boy Records. DK members have accused him of owing them money and fostering a detrimental atmosphere.

Aubrey O’Day, a member of Danity Kane, shared on her Instagram story on Nov. 16  that she refused to sign an NDA in exchange for her music publishing. She has shared on social media and in interviews of her abuse by Diddy. O’Day also posted screenshots of phone calls with Willie Taylor of the Bad Boy R&B group Day 26, further suggesting a toxic work environment created by the music mogul. 

Dawn Richards, another DK member also took to Twitter (X) to offer prayers for Cassie and her family, expressing her support and admiration for the R&B singer’s bravery. 

”Praying for Cassie and her family, for peace and healing. you are beautiful and brave, “Richards commented.

DK member D.Woods, who has not posted on social media since June 2022, returned to her Twitter (X)  account to send kind words to Cassie, expressing her admiration for Cassie’s strength and offering her full support:

“Cassie @cassie You are incredibly brave to shine light on what you endured in the dark. I’m sorry you had to go through it alone. I’m praying for your continued strength and I offer my full support to you,” Woods commented. 

More Reactions To Cassie’s Lawsuit Against Diddy

Supermodel and entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons took to her Instagram story on Nov. 17 and posted, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” referring to karma for one’s actions and seemingly alluding to the repercussions Diddy might face.  Kimora was recently engaged in her own war with former husband, Russell Simmons, who has been accused of similar sexual abuse.

Cassie’s Personal Assistant: “It’s All True”

Additionally, Cassie’s personal assistant, Dexter James, posted multiple phrases  on his Instagram story by saying phrases such as “It’s All True!,” and “Surviving Diddy.” James also shared a picture of him and Cassie, calling the allegations true and expressing his support for her. 

“ITS ALL TRUE! I was Cassie’s personal assistant and seen a lot during my days beside her! She’s a very strong woman and deserves every penny! The things she endured you could never imagine!”

Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine reposted a picture of them on their wedding day on his Instagram story, giving his support. 

‘Damn Brother Love’

On November 16, 50 Cent posted a confused look selfie on his X account to poke fun at Diddy for his latest allegations:

“Damn bother love, brother love, brother love, you out here looking CRAZY AS A MF LMAO,” 50 Cent wrote.

The rapper/television mogul has also shared that he used to be uncomfortable when he was invited to Diddy’s parties. 

In October 2023, a clip surfaced of 50 Cent during his Final Lap Tour in Norway, where he expressed his aversion to attending Diddy’s parties. On stage, he stated Diddy’s parties are not his “type of party.”

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Instances of abuse are sadly prevalent in the entertainment industry, with actress Keke Palmer recently filing a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. Jackson, who is also the father of Palmer’s child, has been accused of verbal and physical assault during their relationship, echoing the importance of shedding light on the issue of abuse.