Funny Marco Debuts New Set With Upcoming Nicki Minaj Interview

As he introduced his new set, social media comedian Funny Marco thrilled his fans by sharing some exciting news. Announcing on his Instagram, Marco teased a forthcoming sit-down for his YouTube show, Open Thoughts: It’s A Mindset Thing, featuring himself and Nicki Minaj.

Welcome 2 Gag City

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, Funny Marco took to Instagram to announce the exciting news of his sit-down interview with Nicki Minaj while also debuting a new set. Marco shared the news of a sit-down interview with the superstar rapper in an Instagram post. He stated:

 “Yall ready for @nickiminaj and funny marco sit down. Welcome to my new set.”

The new set features reflective floors and is expected to bring a twist of Marco’s signature “awkward” interviewing style to discuss Nicki Minaj’s newly released PF2 album. Fans have shown their enthusiasm for this collaboration, eagerly anticipating the interview. 

Fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, with comments on Marco’s Instagram post showing support and excitement. One user (@_chynna_) commented: “Nice Set.” While another user (@baddgyalfe) commented, “ I cant wait.”

Nicki Minaj has not made any announcements or posts regarding this interview, leaving fans eager for more updates.

73 Questions With Vogue

Speaking of Nicki Minaj and sit-down interviews, in a recent revealing interview with Vogue, Nicki Minaj, the Queen of Rap, got candid about her past struggles with addiction. 

The New York rapper reflected on the challenges faced by celebrities who battle substance abuse in the limelight and shared how her father’s addiction has shaped her perspective on this issue.

Latto Gets Candid

In a similar vein of sit-down interviews, another prominent female rapper, Latto, recently engaged in a candid conversation with Snoop Dogg. During their “Musicians on Musicians” cover shoot for Rolling Stone, the artists discussed the evolving landscape of female hip-hop.