Top 23 of 2023: Angel Reese & Flau’Jae Johnson Rewrite The Narrative of Women’s College Basketball

Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson have emerged as major game-changers in the world of women’s college basketball. As the Top 23 of 2023 countdown approaches No. 17, their impact on the sport cannot be overlooked. 

17. Angel Reese & Flau’Jae Change The Game

Angel Reese made headlines when she joined forces with Reebok in a groundbreaking NIL partnership

The LSU star became one of the notable athletes who monetized her name and brand while still playing at the collegiate level, marking a significant shift in women’s college basketball. In addition, the success of Flau’Jae Johnson garnered her a lucrative Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal, valued at up to $1.1 million.

Flau’Jae Johnson’s rise to prominence in women’s college basketball reached new heights when she caught the attention of iconic rapper Lil Wayne. The Louisiana State University basketball star had been praised by Lil Wayne, who expressed his desire to collaborate with her. Their paths finally crossed at the 2023 Essence Festival, where Flau’Jae’s talent and passion for basketball and music were celebrated. 

Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson showcased their marketability and appeal beyond the basketball court when they starred in Amazon‘s latest commercial titled “Dormz.” The commercial featured the college athletes flaunting their dorm rooms and Amazon-powered accessories. 

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