Uncle Luke Thanks The Grammys For Hip-Hop 50th Celebration Invite

Uncle Luke recently expressed gratitude towards CBS and The Grammys for finally including him in their recent celebration, A GRAMMY Salute To 50 Years of Hip-Hop. The music mogul has further proven that closed mouths aren’t fed.

Uncle Luke Showing Gratitude

On Sunday, Dec. 10, Uncle Luke thrilled thousands with a stellar performance at A GRAMMY Salute To 50 Years of Hip-Hop, celebration, marking a significant moment in his career. 

This recognition comes after Luke’s previous frustrations with being left out of the recognition for Florida artists. Taking to Twitter(X), Uncle Luke thanked The Grammys and CBS, stating:

 “I want to thank the #Grammys and @CBS Jesse Collins for allowing me to be a part of this historic moment in history, celebrating 50 years of hip-hop. Miamians normally get left out but not this time. We appreciate it and thank you much love.”

Not Appreciated

In August 2023, Uncle Luke voiced his disappointment at the lack of recognition for Florida artists in the music industry during hip hop’s 50th anniversary. 

The Miami rapper highlighted the industry’s longstanding disregard for Florida hip-hop. However, this time, the tables turned in Uncle Luke’s favor as he was given the chance to shine on the Grammy stage.

Following Uncle Luke’s shoutout on Twitter(X), fans flooded social media with excitement and support for the legendary artist. One  user, @whoistrip, described the moment as “phenomenal,” while another user, @canefan4life, stated: “ You are a legend my man !!!”

Luke Speaks Up

Referencing Luke’s previous gripe for lack thereof, the musical artist expressed frustration with the lack of recognition for Florida artists in the music industry on hip hop’s 50th anniversary. The Miami rapper addressed the industry’s long-standing disregard for Florida hip-hop.

Juvenile At The 2023 ESSENCE Fest

Speaking of initially being counted out, Juvenile took center stage at the 2023 ESSENCE Festival, delivering an electrifying performance that captivated his hometown audience. After expressing his disappointment with being initially left out of the lineup, the New Orleans rapper seized the opportunity to showcase his iconic hits and express his gratitude for the experience.