Kodak Black Affiliate Jackboy Addresses False Reports Of Being Rushed To Hospital 

Jackboy, known for his affiliation with Kodak Black, recently found himself at the center of false reports. Despite the alarming incident, the Florida rapper’s upbeat response on Instagram Live left fans relieved and questioning the motives behind the false news.


After news broke that Jackboy had been rushed to the hospital for gunshot wounds, the rapper quickly took to social media to set the record straight, revealing that it was his younger brother who had been the victim of the shooting.

The incident occurred early on Dec. 13 on the 11000 block of SW Stockton Pl. in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Jackboy, wanting to clarify the misinformation circulating, took to his Instagram Live later that day. He lifted his shirt, showing no visible wounds, and defiantly exclaimed:



While Jackboy’s brother was immediately airlifted to Lawnwood Hospital, his condition has been described as “serious.” 

The suspect responsible for the shooting remains unidentified and managed to flee the scene in a getaway vehicle. It is unclear whether the false news of Jackboy’s shooting was intended to irritate potential retaliators or to create confusion among fans and the media.

Fans flooded the comments section with messages of condolences for his brother and relief that the rapper himself was unharmed. 

Many expressed their happiness that Jackboy had not been the one targeted, with one user commenting, “GLAD YOU UNTOUCHED.” Another added, “Nugga ain’t get shot.”

On The Contrary

On the other hand, in 2021, Jackboy went ahead with plans to build a hospital in his home country of Haiti. He teamed up with Lil Baby and reportedly went half and half on building a hospital after discovering patients sleeping outside at an already existing hospital in Haiti.

Who Shot Ya?

The incident serves as a reminder of the gun violence plaguing the rap industry, with several recent cases involving siblings. It echoes the shocking shooting at a Lil Baby concert in Memphis in September 2023, where Young Dolph’s cousin, CEO Jizzle, was injured. Surprisingly, the shooter was identified as Jizzle’s brother.