How Beyoncé’s Iconic Self-Titled Album Changed The Music Industry Forever

On Friday, December 13, 2013, Beyoncé changed the game with her self-titled album drop. Most of the Beyhive may remember where they were when that digital popped, shifting the music industry forever.

‘Happy 10th Anniversary!’

Queen Bey’s self-titled album, BEYONCÉ, was released at midnight on iTunes with no prior promotion through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records, marking an instant game-changer.

Ten years later, the album remains the most iconic and influential in music history. To commemorate the album’s 10th anniversary, the iconic singer took to Instagram to share a 2-minute reel highlighting moments and fan reactions from that era. In the background, she said,

“I still get scared with every album release. I’m constantly searching for the deeper purpose of my art.” While ending with, “Happy tenth anniversary.”

Additionally, she made the single “Grown Woman” available on streaming services after initially having only the music video accessible on media platforms for a decade. The album’s impact has been resonating with fans, who recognize its influence on the industry. 

One fan on social media named @msyonceslay wrote, “Nobody in this world can think like Beyonce, she’s truly ONE OF ONE. There’ll never be another Beyonce or another album like self-titled. CHANGED THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY.” 

Beyoncé, The Game-Changer

Beyoncé’s self-titled album was not just a collection of songs but an artistic statement. With 14 tracks and 17 accompanying music videos, Queen Bey explored themes of feminism, romance, and societal norms.

One of the lasting effects of the “CUFF IT” singer’s album release strategy is the shift in the music industry’s release day. Traditionally, music was released on Tuesdays, but thanks to Beyoncé, “New Music Fridays” became the norm. 

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, this change was directly influenced by Beyoncé’s surprise drop. It gave consumers something to look forward to each week and transformed the industry’s approach to album releases.

The process of creating the self-titled album unfolded as Beyoncé did not inform her label or the world about the surprise. She explained that she went on iTunes and clicked “upload” in the middle of the night, right after her show for the 2013 Mrs. Carter Tour. She recounted:

“I just got off the stage. It was 11:30 once I took off. And I had a glass of wine, and my cousin Angie (Beyince) was like, ‘Girl, you alright?’ Because I was talking to myself, because I was terrified.”

Making Herstory

The success of the self-titled album speaks for itself. In its first three days of sales, it sold over 617,000 copies in the United States and 828,773 copies worldwide on the iTunes store, making it the fastest-selling album in the platform’s history. 

By the end of 2013, Beyoncé had sold 2.3 million copies worldwide. The album’s impact continues to be recognized, as it has achieved 5x Platinum certification by RIAA, with every track certified gold or higher.

Beyoncé has consistently set the standard throughout her career, remaining prominent in her two-decade-long journey. Queen Bey has showcased enduring longevity, releasing her seventh studio album, Renaissance, along with a groundbreaking world tour and a subsequent major theater release.

Ye & Ty Dolla $ign Preview ‘Vultures’

While Beyoncé’s self-titled album left an indelible mark on the industry, other artists have also made waves with their highly-anticipated releases. Kanye West, known for his innovative approach to music, recently previewed new music at Art Basel in Miami for his upcoming album Vultures including a feature from his daughter, North West.