Slim Thug Says Only Black People Should Own Black Music: ‘We Need To Take The Culture Back’

Slim Thug is taking a stand for music ownership, advocating for exclusive Black ownership of Black music. During an Instagram live session, the Houston rapper voiced his discontent with the current landscape, emphasizing the need for Black individuals to possess ownership of their music, as opposed to seeing it in the hands of individuals from other communities. Slim Thug firmly believes that addressing this issue is crucial for a fundamental transformation in the music industry.

‘We Need To Take The Culture Back’

Slim Thug is making a bold statement about music ownership, expressing his desire for Black people to own Black music exclusively. 

During his Instagram live on December 3, Slim Thug expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of Black music ownership. The rapper specifically highlighted the presence of Jewish individuals owning music from Black artists, stating that he wants “only Black people to own Black music.” 

Slim Thug firmly believes that until this issue is addressed, a fundamental change in the industry is necessary. 

“Jewish people should own Drake. Drake is Jewish. Jewish people should own Jewish music,” he said. “I don’t like that Jewish people own Black music. I don’t want Jewish people who are not a part of the culture to own the culture. I want only Black people to own Black music. Until we fix that, I don’t like it. If you ain’t Jewish, why the fuck you own a Jewish rapper’s music? If you don’t listen to that shit, why you own that? Nah, we not on that. We need to take the culture back. While these Black people broke, we need to own our music,” Slim Thug added. 

‘That’s Equal’

When questioned by a fan about whether this principle should apply to other races as well, Slim Thug emphasized that it should, promoting equal ownership of music within each respective culture:

“It should be that for every race. If you Jewish, you should own Jewish music. If you white, you should own white music, country music. Spanish people should own Spanish music. Yeah, everybody who from their race should own their shit. So that’s not racist; that’s equal.”

Users on Twitter (X) reacted to Slim Thug’s comments One user named @KingSnowBunni “He is 100% correct but Jewish people run most major labels so they should just be independent.” Another user named @5minzcrypto commented “Music is meant to connect people, not discriminate. I don’t like this guy’s point of view.” 

Slim Thug Talks Damon Dash

While Slim Thug did not single out any non-Black music executives by name, he acknowledged the frustration expressed by Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash, who has long advocated for Black ownership in the music industry:

“We don’t want people culture vulturing us. We going at all the culture vultures,” Slim Thug added. “That’s why tried to push Damon  Dash to the side. Dame Dash was right, he was standing on business.”

It is worth noting that major music labels such as Sony Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI, and Warner Music Group are all owned by non-Black music executives. Slim Thug’s call for Black ownership aligns with the ongoing conversation surrounding representation and equity in the music industry.

Slim Thug Faces Backlash

One other subject that Slim Thug commented on his Instagram was him saying in November that sexual assault victims should have a time limit on when to call out their abusers, rather than wait years. Slim Thug would later apologize for his statements. 

HYBE America Acquires Quality Control Music

A case of non-Black executives that acquired a label with predominantly Black music was HYBE America acquiring Atlanta rap label Quality Control Music in February 2023. The owners of HYBE America are Korean and are responsible for promoting K-pop band BTS.