Suspect From Lil Baby Concert Shooting Revealed As CEO Jizzle’s Brother

In a shocking twist, the identity of the shooter who shot Young Dolph’s cousin, CEO Jizzle, at the recent Lil Baby concert in Memphis in Sept. 2023 has been revealed. It was unveiled that the shooter has been identified as Jizzle’s brother. 

Brotherly Betrayal?

The suspect responsible for the gunfire has been identified as none other than Kevin Young, the brother of CEO Jizzle, who was injured during the incident. During a court hearing on Tuesday, court records revealed that Kevin Young’s bond had been revoked by a Shelby County judge in Tennessee. 

Young, who was 22 years old at the time of the incident, fired a shot inside the downtown arena and struck his brother, CEO Jizzle, during the rap concert. Fortunately, Jizzle only sustained minor injuries after being hit in the stomach, as confirmed by officials.

Prior To Charges 

Previously, Young’s lawyer had stated that his client was accused of shooting his brother while standing next to each other during the Lil Baby concert. The motive behind this shocking act of violence remains unclear, leaving both the public and law enforcement puzzled.

Following the shooting, Young was arrested on Sept. 27 and was charged not only in connection to the Lil Baby concert shooting but also with illegal possession of weapons and drugs. 

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Arrest Made In Shooting At Lil Baby’s Concert: Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

In a shocking turn of events, Memphis police have apprehended a man concerning a shooting during a recent Lil Baby concert. The suspect, a 22-year-old individual, faces charges related to reckless endangerment, unlawful possession of weapons, and drug-related offenses at a Memphis residence.

Suspect Arrested 

Memphis police have arrested a man concerning a shooting during a recent Lil Baby concert on September 7. The suspect, identified as Kevin Young, 22, was arrested on September 27 on charges of reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of weapons and drugs at a residence in Memphis, leading to a breakthrough in the investigation.

The shooting incident unfolded while Lil Baby was performing, prompting an immediate police response and necessitating the rapper’s evacuation under tight security measures. Among those injured was CEO Jizzle, cousin of the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph, who has yet to state Young’s arrest publicly.

Security Protocols Questioned

The investigations have raised questions about the security protocols at the venue, as police remain uncertain about how Young managed to bring a firearm into the FedEx Forum

In response, the arena has implemented a clear bag policy for all future events, aiming to prevent similar incidents and ensure the safety of patrons.

During Young’s arrest, law enforcement officers discovered not only guns, ammunition, and drugs at the home. Truquez Boyd, 25, and Kylon Cown, 23, who were present in the residence, were also apprehended on drug-related charges, although they were not directly linked to the shooting incident.

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Lil Baby’s Concert Shooting In Memphis Leaves Young Dolph’s Cousin Injured

Lil Baby’s recent concert in Memphis, Tennessee, took a dangerous turn when gunshots rang out. The Atlanta rapper was forced to abruptly end his performance, as a man, who was recently identified as the cousin of the late rapper Young Dolph, was shot and rushed to the hospital. 

Young Dolph’s Cousin Shot

On September 7, Lil Baby was forced to abruptly end his performance at the FedExForum as one person was shot and rushed to the hospital. The gunshot victim was later revealed to be Ceo Jizzy, the cousin of the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

Gunshots erupted during the Its Only Us artist’s performance, where he was headlining his “Lil Baby and Friends” Tour. The Memphis police swiftly responded to the scene on Beale Street, arriving around 10:30 PM. 

As they arrived, Ceo Jizzy had been injured from the shooting. A video captured the moment he was wheeled out of the venue, still conscious but in critical condition. Jizzy was immediately transported to Regional One Hospital for medical treatment. 

A day later, Jizzy posted a clip of himself in a hospital bed on social media, where he not only asks fans to “pray” for him, but to “pray for the opps.”

An Eyewitness Speaks Out

According to Memphis police, the shooting took place on the first floor of the FedExForum, but no further details have been released regarding the circumstances. The incident occurred within the first thirty minutes of the concert, leading to the evacuation of the arena for safety reasons. 

Clarissa Johnson, an eyewitness, described her experience when the shots were fired, stating:

“I heard a pop. I’m not sure what happened but I had a suite, so I told all my crew, ‘get down.’ So we evacuated. Once we evacuated, did a head count. I’m still not sure what happened. It’s not so sweet tonight, though.” 

Due to the incident, Lil Baby’s scheduled performance in Louisville has been canceled, according to Ticketmaster. The identity of the shooter remains unknown at this time.

Lil Baby On The Move

On a lighter note, Lil Baby had some assistance for his tour with help from actress/singer Teyana Taylor. Taylor was hired to be his Creative Director on tour to help him with his live performances and help fans have an “unforgettable experience.”

In more Lil Baby news, the “Yes, Indeed” rapper hosted a back-to-school drive for children in Atlanta just before the school year began in August 2023. The drive provided bookbags, school supplies, sneakers, haircuts, and even carnival games for local children. 

Boosie’s Tulsa Concert Ends In Chaotic Shooting

Violence at rap concerts continues to be a growing concern, as this incident echoes a shooting in July 2023, during a Boosie show in Tulsa. Four people were injured at the end of the concert when shots were fired after the Baton Rouge native performed “Set It Off.”

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